Steps to Building

Our Patio Cover Process includes

Free Design Consultation

We will set an appointment at your
convenience to discuss your Patio Cover ideas and concepts.

Pictures of Similar Projects

We will show you many, many photos
of completed Patio Cover projects.

Wants and Needs

We will discuss every aspect of your custom patio project.

Building Standards

We will explain all of our specific custom patio building standards.

Existing Area and/or Structure

We will measure the area for the custom patio and take
photos of the existing area.

Exact Project Price

We will create an exact price for your custom built project
with no Hidden Costs.

Submit all Paperwork

We will prepare, submit and follow up on all appropriate
permits and HOA/POA application until approval.


We will prepare any required patio covers drawings…
rendered views and/or elevation drawings.


Finance & Payment Options

We offer all Houston homeowners 100% financing. We also accept credit cards and checks.


Property Survey

HOA/POA Information

Ideas about ceiling fans, decorative lighting, columns and any other decorative finishes

COMMITTED TO QUALITY, VALUE &SERVICE when building your Custom Patio Cover